Miranda July’s Somebody

Ever needed someone to do your dirty work for you? Break ups, make ups or even a proposal? Well you’re in luck because artist and writer Miranda July has created the app that will do it all for you. Somebody is designed to alert a stranger to deliver your message including emotive instruction; the beauty of the app is that it asks people to look up from their phones and interact with people around them (even if it’s through someone else’s words).

July on Somebody:
“Half-app / half-human, “Somebody” is a far-reaching public art project that incites performance and twists our love of avatars and outsourcing — every relationship becomes a three-way. The antithesis of the utilitarian efficiency that tech promises, here, finally, is an app that makes us nervous, giddy, and alert to the people around us.”

July often challenges the concept of privacy with her work. In her last piece, We Think Alone, she asked her famous friends such as Lena Dunham and Kirsten Dunst to share their emails for a public newsletter. The support continued in this venture which was sponsored by Miu Miu and launched in Venice earlier this year with a film for their Women’s Tales series. Launch day saw 100,000 people download the app with Somebody interactions happening across the world – download it now and declare someone’s love to a total stranger.

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