5ffb2a34All images courtesy of  social media Words by Elizabeth Pollard

It’s official, Scandinavians are taking over the world. First in architecture, then interior design, furniture design, graphic design, even fashion design! Now cool Scandi girls with dark roots and willowy figures, are taking over the music industry. Karen Marie Ørsted from Denmark, has stormed onto the scene with her fresh style, soft synthy beats and a very clever tactic to quickly gain a twenty-something fanbase; a Spice Girls cover. And boy is it a good’un. Currently our song of the week, MØ highlights why the biggest girl band the world has ever seen, was such a success. Catchy tunes, easy lyrics but with a much more contemporary sound to make the song bearable outside of the dregs of a house party at 4am.

Having already been compared heavily to Grimes, she nails the female, alternative pop genre but has a much more accessible sound, much like Solange’s latest EP, True. Her voice is stunning and often a little melancholy, sounding at times scarily like Lana Del Ray (minus the whiney undertones).

WIth her debut album, No Mythologies to Follow, out a couple months ago to rave reviews, I’m hoping she makes a trip over the channel to this inferior island. On second thoughts, any excuse to visit Copenhagen!



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