Naked Ambition

Words by Billie Jenkins Images courtesy of Reuters

Whilst Normcore keep the fashion set preoccupied with understated difference, the music industry has chosen a wholeheartedly different approach, a look that sits somewhere between a late shift Las Vegas waitress and the Real Housewives of Texas. The rule of thumb has always been that pop starlets are looking for something a little different in the dress stakes, it’s about the spotlight, and ALL of the spotlight. Remember that meat dress? Remember when Cher turned up fresh from the production of Burlesque looking like the kind of woman Wayne Rooney would go dogging with? This year it was Amber Rose taking the crown, with a dress made of shiny chain type things and nothing else. It was a little disappointing since Marilyn Manson’s ex-girlfriend, Rose McGowan, pulled the same stunt nearly ten years ago, her nips peeking through a weight of metal ribbons in a sex and chainmail crossover that would make Game of Thrones look tame.

Ambers’s ensemble looked like it could have been picked up in an Ann Summers sale off Woolwich High Street. This annoys me more than a little because the shores of woman in the poor quality nightclubs of tiny towns across the country, who think wearing something naughty they picked up from a sex shop as a bone-fide Friday night outfit is just casual, are having their illusions confirmed. Does anyone remember when Amber Rose used to date Kanye West? What does she actually do? Why was she even on the red carpet at all? Maybe getting her little, silver thong out was the best party crashing technique she could muster; it’s a shame it worked. The stripper wear as outerwear continued as a theme throughout the night. The only person we’ll let get away with it is Katie Perry, since fitting into the Riff Raff trailer park fantasy for one night probably spells out ’fast track to fun’ quicker than any Roland Mouret. I’m not complaining about the nudity, here at Corinne& there’s a lot of love for a pair of perkies and a cheeky flash of bottom. THAT spaghetti strapped sheer dress a nineteen year old Kate Moss wore in 1993 still makes up weep. But in future I hope to see a lot less red carpet walks that look like they should be accompanied by Warrant’s ’Cherry pie’’. That is all.

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