Our Top 5 Scotches

Words by Billie Jenkins image courtesy of Fred Page


In honour of the. Scottish referendum on the 18th, we review our favourite drams from the worlds biggest whisky produced.

1 Auchentoshen 18 Year
Auchentoshen’s 18 Year is the cream of the crop. Hugely rich and complex it remains floral and light on the mouth. Each sip is like the first bite of a battered Mars bar, in which you get a crispy lightness paired with a slightly sweeter, melt over the mouth taste, which lingers deliciously long after the last drop.

2. Bowmore Tempest 10 Year
The Islay Isle Whiskeys will always be a personal favourite and this Bowmore is the best I’ve had. For those who like a proper hit of peat, to the point it feels your nose hairs are crinkled and you’ve gone through three rounds with Alistair Cambell, this is the one for you.

3. Laphroaig

This is the whisky you graduate onto after serving your time thinking the Bells they served at your badly carpeted local was the extent of your whisky horizons. Well chin up lad, your not the Renton of the whisky world, you chose life.

4. Dalmore King Alexander III
It costs the same as 240 can of Irun Bru for one bottle, but then again Irn Bru wasn’t named one of the top twenty scotches in the world by people that know things, and it gives you the shits. Exceptional drinking.

5. Balvenie Double Wood 17 Year
Vanilla, honey, mulled spices and crisp apple can all be found in this two cask matured whisky that offers a rockier ride with a big reward. Like a night with Susan Boyle.

And what we won’t be drinking: Famous Grouse
When will the reign of terror from this carpet cleaner end. Firmly the preserve of the over nineties and the bar manager who has given up hope. It should be saved for mulled wine emergencies, 6am necessities and presents for people you hate. Mix with: regret.

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