Paris Snap Shop

imageWords by Billie Jenkins Image courtesy of  Muse Perk

Paris is a interesting creature. Over romanticised, but still romantic. Great for famous art works, but terrible for viewing art (though most tourists do so through their cameras anyway). Wrapped up in ideas of Bohemia, yet aggressively expensive. And the Eiffel Tower is, for all it’s infamy, a brutish eyesore. The Paris Snap Shop is part of the city you want Paris to be, a gem of eccentricity.

The small shop, located just off the Red Light District, contains mounds and mounds of vintage photography, quite literally strewn across the floor. Like a landfill of moments passed. You can swim through them, and for a euro take home your favourite piece of stolen history. Or you can just take it all in, the owner reported of a man spending six hours methodically moving through the piles and then leaving without a single image. It’s heaven for photographers, lovers of vintage and nosey people alike. For me the beauty of an old photo, a single image without context, is the tiny glance you get into a narrative you will never know. Also there were some really Glammy babes back in the day, like phwoar. Makes you wonder why your wasting your best years on Snapchat, there’s no legacy like the Paris Snap Shop in that.

Paris Snap Shop lives online here.

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