People In Fashion: Studio Nicholson

Feature-imagePhotography by Studio Nicholson Words by Elizabeth Pollard

In early 2010, menswear designer Nick Wakeman and her vision of creating an ‘effortless, confident and uncomplicated’ wardrobe for women positioned itself in the luxury market. But Wakeman did things a little differently, tapping the Japanese market and bringing the collection straight to her high profile customers through word of mouth (using her very healthy contact book) meant that Studio Nicholson by-passed press and has turned global in just four short years.

The essence of the brand is clean lines and chic basics including lux track pants and cocoon wool sweatshirts but with just a hint of a seasonal trend by using pepto-pink and burgundy. It’s the type of wardrobe you can wear on it’s own or to compliment a statement trend piece.

The Studio Nicholson website uses technology as a resource rather than ‘just’ an e-comm site like every other brand. The journal gives you insight into Wakeman’s inspiration and design process, breathing character into the collection. While depending on the intention of the sell and the customer they are trying to communicate with, the photography is carefully directed to illustrate this.

Still so young, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this timeless brand. Find out more at





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