Petros Koublis: INLANDS


Goldfish: In some gardens while asleep, September 2012
Words and Images by Petros Koublis

We are excited to introduce the incredible artist and photographer Petros Koublis. This set of images, from his collection INLANDS: MINOR LANDSCAPES are stunning, and we are thrilled he has let us share them with you here. 

The images of this series explore the landscape through small individual fragments, each one of them describing a state of transformation. Those miniature scenes are approached as if they were completely independent existences, released from their actual surrounding space and identity. Thus, they can be openly interpreted, as bearers of symbols and equivalents. Every landscape can be decomposed into an infinite number of minor ones, progressively increasing their introversion, as their actual nature seems to be replaced by a more abstract one.


Pendulum: But Nights are Pending, September 2012
6Amoungst: Never the eyes always, June 2012
Arcane: nethetheless the sky and suc, June 201231Shiver: some bodies when tremble, September 2012
Equalibrium: For what hands, which fingers, whatever nights, October 2012


Comet: But it defines the night, December 2012



Shush: Somes seas and ships and other, June 2012

Those spicy traces of the bronzegreen grasshoppers may
gather the long-beaked seagulls somewhere over these shores and
our sunbathing will be sadly disturbed by random, dense shadows
quite in parallel

But if, I wonder, what if our bodies could use as nests for May’s
birds, say in the size of our once fragile teenager fists and
what if our hair were nothing but thin, stretched roots cut out of the soil
quite violently?

Then, by the time our first wisdom tooth appears, then may
the moths that hide behind our fertile lips fly out of our mouths and
meet with all of these and those that now interrupt our sunbath, there
quite vertically

So, before our salmon-pink gums start to feel like honeycombs, I may
try to find ourselves some stead, yes, among those edible insects, as to
manifest the constant creaking of your bones and mine with a prolonged sigh
quite impatiently

So, and once our height should have been really taken as our length, we may
lay down on the sand that shapes small irregular craters on our backs, and
try to measure all the distances using infinity as a subdivision of ourselves, oh
quite persistently

Then, below the sun that burns our faces with brown freckles, we may
try to turn the pores of our chests into countless chalky fountains and, well
enjoy that something of a sunbath, hoping that next time we’ll spare our skins, oh
quite wisely.

Athens, November 2012
3Sanctuary: And soil soaks up the wine, June 2012



Nest: Then also the birds, April 20122
Corals: As the mermaids willingly, June 2012


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