Pharrell: GIRL

Words by Elizabeth Pollard

Pharrell Williams is a hero. From N.E.R.D, modelling for cult clothing brand A Bathing Ape, producing some of the coolest tracks of last summer and of course that Vivienne Westwood hat, this man never seems to put a foot wrong. Which is why I couldn’t understand what went so wrong with his debut solo album; GIRL. Admittedly, there are a couple of great tracks but on the whole it sounds like the soundtrack to a Disney Pixar film, which ironically the first single, Happy, from the album is.

With collaborations from Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys and Daft Punk, this album is not short of his usual A-list friends but their contribution was not even apparent to me until I read the track listing.

Sorry Pharrell, this sound is as trendy as the half naked girls on the cover; by the end of the summer we will have moved on from the happy-clappy pop melodies and onto the next music fad, whatever that may be.

Favourite tracks: Lost Queen and Come Get it Bae


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