Pharrell Shoots to Miss: This Week in Books

Pharrell Williams
Words by Billie Jenkins

This weeks big release: Pharrell releases ’Inspiration’

I’m not sure I have even seen quite so many gimmicks making a book so far removed from the quality of the writing as Pharrell’ new project ’Inspiration’. Championed as a ’social book’ it will only be released when all the words have been guessed by an internet audience. The one who succeeds. All of this got me worked up until I realised the whole project was sponsored by Tippex, which undermines the value of the book to more sceptical onlookers, but is in fact a sad misjudgement on their part. A product struggling to define itself in a post-typewriter world has turned to an audience in the very space that undermines it’s use. C-, must try harder.

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What else we’re reading: Women Photographers: From Julia Margaret Cameron to Cindy Sherman


This tome takes 55 of the greatest female photographers that graced the shutter button, and tells you all about their lives, their greatest work, and their most important critical responses. It’s a dictionary for art lovers and feminists alike. Word on the street is if you don’t buy it you hate successful women.

One you might have missed: The Good Inn: A Novel by Black Francis and Josh Frank


In the wild, gin stained night of Christmas we overlooked this release from Pixies frontman Black Francis. Part graphic novel, part history of adult cinema. The Good Inn brings together two historical events, the explosion of a French munitions ships and the creation of La Bonne Auberge, the first know pornographic film that depicted a French soldier and innkeepers daughter. It’s story evolves to give a strange but informative account of the birth sex on film and it’s reprocussions.


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