Photoautomat2Words by Elizabeth Pollard

Scattered all over the city, photoautomats are one of Berlin’s biggest tourist attractions. At 4 o’clock in the morning, on the corner of Skalitzer Straße, there is a queue to jump into a tiny box, drop €2 into the slot, negotiate puzzling you and your friends faces together and wait for a succession of flashes. The reward is a grainy strip of black and white photographs to treasure.

After near extinction, a group of friends pooled together to revive the retro machines. They lovingly restore each booth and installed them back into cities around Europe including Cologne, Hamburg, Florence and London, but nowhere is more famous for them than Berlin.

On their website, they celebrate all things photobooth, including ‘art projects, citations and reclassifications’. Check it out for more info and a map highlighting their location.

Map from

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