Picasso K.O.’s Hirst

Words by Billie Jenkins Images stolen from the Lawrence King website

On September 1st a gorgeous new, er… reason to buy a functionally redundant object that will sit on your shelf more or less untouched, but is…you know…nice to own, will hit the shelves. It’s actually quite a wonderful little toy, something you might just drag out and actually play on a rainy Sunday. And you’ll definitely show your friends for the first few weeks to respectable ’oh lovely’s. They’ll be impressed at how liberal, educated and fun you are. And you are, so why shouldn’t you be loud and proud about that.

Artists Top Trumps is 32 cards of educational fun. Combining the words and knowledge of James Cahill (contributor to Elephant and frieze don’t-cha-know), and Mikkel Sommer (who lives in Berlin so must be cool). It poses modern arts greatest names against one another. Jeff Koons has a cute bubble dicky bow, Damien athirst resembles a YBF (Young British Frankenstien), and all of them have sold art works for incomprehensible sums. The categories are respectively:

Top Auction Price
The ’Beautiful’ Factor
’Shock of the New’ Effect
Critical Reception

And they all contain a helpful little account of what made them great and worthy of a Top Trump card alongside such other prominent Top a trump cards. They’re gorgeous little objects though, go and splash the cash, you’ll only spend it on Hendricks anyway.

Artists Top Trumps are available to buy from 1st September here.

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