Polpo: A Venetian Cookbook (of sorts)

Books6Words by Shaun Cooney

Russell Norman is the undisputable King of Soho, opening no less than 6 restaurants in under four years. The Polpo cookbook is a must have containing all of Normans favourite small plates that have been on the restaurants menu at one time or another.

The Polpo cookbook makes cooking a stress free experience; because the dishes are small plates they require very little in the way of fancy cooking techniques. Some of the best dishes require no cooking at all. With step by step instructions exchanged for a more conversational direction to how to make each dish it’s like having Russell Norman himself in the kitchen guiding you along to making the softest pizza dough or the freshest of salads.

The design of the book fits perfectly with the Polpo brand. With beautiful pictures of the Venetian Bacaro’s and the picturesque water-ways alongside a genius, exposed spine that not only makes this book look beautiful on your shelf but also allows it to lay flat and stop the pages from falling back on themselves as you try to read a recipe with oily fingers.

The book contains recipes for his famous small plates and pizzette’s as well as some of the classic cocktails sold in the Polpo bars. So mix up a Negroni, get kneading some pizza dough and create a Venetian feast to enjoy with friends.


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