Q&A: Samuel J Davidson

tumblr_mittoroPYt1qzfnf0o1_1280_2048Photographs by Samuel Davidson

Samuel Davidson, curates beautiful, realist imagery into a his publication series, This Is The Same Ocean. A side project to his work as a photographer, these publications give a little insight into Davidson’s inspirations, aesthetic and approach to his work. Despite moving to Berlin from Melbourne, when we caught up with Davidson, he was on another wild adventure, in India, no doubt capturing the honesty of life through his lens.

What attitude do you approach your work with?
With a mind that’s open to learning as much as I can. I’m learning more about photography every day.

What do you feel is the most important thing about your work?
That it’s honest.

What keeps you motivated to create, and keep creating work?
Discovering new photographers or directors. I’m fascinated by the work of Michelangelo Antoniono and Henri Georges Clouzot right now.

Where do you see your work heading in the next twelve months?
I’m in the process of setting up a dark room space at my studio so probably a lot more black and white, to keep things affordable.

Who, what, where or how do you get your first inspirations?
My dad first showed me how to use a camera when I was a kid, but as a teenager I found publications like Hamburger Eyes and the work of William Eggleston and they made me want to photograph everything.

What has been your biggest success, or source of pride?
I rarely have success but I’m very proud of each issue of This is the Same Ocean that I’ve published.

What do you think are the important issues facing yourself, and your industry at the moment?
Staying on top of the changes within it or doing what you already do really well. It can be said for any industry.

Your involved with a lot of projects, how do you keep momentum with your work?
Black coffee and lemon sodas.

This is the Same Ocean is a really beautiful project, where did it begin?
I started the publication in Melbourne in 2011. It’s much more developed now that it was when it started but unlike then, you can see it evolve through the issues. firstthreeweb Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 5.50.45 PM How do you bring together each issue?
I contact photographers and friends that whose work is exciting me at that time. While there’s no theme there’s definitely a STEPH connection between all the work in each issue, at least in my mind.

Why did you choose to head to Berlin?
Because it’s about as far from Melbourne as you can get and I needed a change.








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