Ridiculous Art Blog of the Week: Fly Art

Wally with a red blouse (c. 1913), Egon Schiele / Naughty Girl, Beyoncé
Words by Billie Jenkins Images courtesy of Fly Art

Splashing the words of the baddest names in Hip Hop over classical art. Fly Art is a work of simple genius. Fusing such great cultural moments such as R Kelly’s instantly recognisable ’Hot and Fresh out the Kitchen’ with Vermeer’s milkmaid, or ’Tonight I’ll be you naughty girl’ spread over a seductive, 1913 pencil sketch of a prostitute by Schiele. It’s tongue in cheekiness, that will leave your next visit to the National Portrait Gallery feeling like it’s narrated by Def Jam.

Head and explore its joys here.


 The first coat (1892), Vladimir Makovsky / American Boy, Estelle feat. Kanye West



Hell (1450), Dirk Bouts / Drop It Like It’s Hot, Snoop Dogg feat. Pharell William


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