Ridiculous Art Blog of the Week: The Carter Family Portrait Gallery


Words by Billie Jenkins Images Courtesy of The Carter Family Portrait Gallery

Welcome to our new feature, devised to provide insight into the more bizarre art blogs on the internet, and to keep you up on a Sunday night far past your bedtime even though you told yourself this week you were going to face monday morning fresh. This week kicks in with a corker. The Carter Family Portrait Gallery injects one of the worlds most popular families into the breadth of art history. The faces of Beyonce and Jay-Z, along with Blue Ivy and a host of friends and family, are superimposed onto the faces of mans most iconic works. We feel Churchill’s infamous assessment that ‘history is written by the victors’ seems no more relevant than on this  tumblr. Bottichellicious.



tumblr_n58209rhNO1shj7flo1_1280 tumblr_n5wwxjkuHl1shj7flo1_1280

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