Russell Brand: The Messiah Complex

Russell Brand Messiah ComplexWords by Elizabeth Pollard

Brand Russell Brand is all about sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll and despite his recent involvement in politics and a tour called ‘The Messiah Complex’ Brand did not disappoint. In fact, this time his outrageously crude humour was funnier than ever as it was accompanied by a relentless paradox of self depreciation and narcissism.

I have to admit, before this show, I struggled to enjoy Brand; I found him painfully arrogant and his Dickensian manner of speech seemed forced. However, it was exactly those traits that made this show work. On the subject of politics, conspiracy and philosophy, he was wonderfully articulate and at times quite profound, whilst still keeping the tone light. Brand turned his reputation on its head by using media and the public perception of him to create a caricature of himself, giving government and media (especially the Daily Mail) the finger.

Despite trying his hardest not to offend and get in any trouble (for once), Brand managed to piss off two Michael Jackson mega-fans so much, they stormed out of the Theatre Royal but not before creatively heckling him as a ‘tosser’… And that was only in the first twenty minutes!

But then again, aside from that couple, what more do the British love than an hour and a half of controversy, self depreciation and dick-jokes?

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