Screen Review: Lovelace


Photographs courtesy of Millennium Films and Radius-TWCWords by Elizabeth Pollard

There are a few actors and actresses that are indescribably, totally irrationally annoying to me. Their acting is like nails on a chalkboard. They can do no right, no matter how epic the part. Anne Hathaway, Nicholas Cage and what used to be Amanda Seyfried. Somehow though, as if by magic, in the 2013 film ‘Lovelace’, Seyfried redeemed herself. I guess she was partly the reason it took me so long to see this film; I assumed it was another ‘Mama Mia’ lovey-dovey, happy-clappy, mildly funny blockbuster. But I was wrong – about all of these things. ‘Lovelace’ is the story of Linda Boreman and her fame from porno flick ‘Deep Throat’.

The cinematography and story itself can get confused with ‘Boogie Nights’; the colour, the hair, the LA house with a pool, the scene where she sucks dick in front of a crew… yada yada yada. But the real point of interest for me came in how they storyboarded and presented the story to the audience. The first half an hour is the usual linear narrative. The story is presented to the audience as any friend or relative might see it. On face value, before the cameras are switched off. It then jumps forward to a shot of Linda in a psychiatrist’s office. The film is played again, however this time the gaps are filled and you watch the journey from a different light. Seyfried’s performance is sensitive to Boreman’s story; I couldn’t not the feel pain and strength of this woman. The story doesn’t end with a glamorized vision for change in the industry or even justice for the protagonist. But it does make you question your own judgement about relationships and the journey of someone’s life.

Amanda Seyfried in Lovelace.

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