Silk Road, Camberwell

IMG_1293Words by Shaun Cooney Photographt by CheeseNBiscuits

From the outside Silk Road looks like any other Chinese takeaway restaurant with steamed up windows and not much to give away what’s going on inside. But after being told for the hundredth time that I have to try this place I concede and take my place at one of the long communal tables.

After a first look through the menu I am stumped. How much am I going to need to order? What do I need to order? What should I order? Remember a few recommendations from regulars I cobble together an order, scan the room and recognise a few faces amongst the mid week crowd packing the place out. The dishes arrive one by one with cold pork belly with chilli the first to arrive, sceptical at first about cold pork the plate is pretty much finished before the next dish of pork and leek dumplings arrive, these bite size dumplings are perfect for a dip in soy sauce and then devoured whole.

Silk Road sits perfectly amongst the collection of independent small restaurants in Camberwell and adds to the colour and diversity of this small vibrant community. Round off the meal comes chilli cabbage and the most delicious home made noodles that are so long a whole lot of technique is required to get them scooped up. For anyone who lives in southeast London this is a must to visit and in no time at all you will joining the majority urging everyone to visit.

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