Sophia Coppola’s Little Mermaid

Sofia-CoppolaPhotograph by Juergen Teller Words by Elizabeth Pollard

The script writer who brought us Edward Scissorhands and The Corpse Bride, Caroline Thompson, and our favourite director, Sophia Coppola, are teaming up to make The Little Mermaid based on Hans Christian Andersen’s original fairytale. However this will be no Disney romance of a Prince and Princess living happily-ever-after.

In the twisted Danish classic the Little Mermaid chases love and an eternal human soul, however, the price she will pay for legs is the feeling of walking on knives so her feet will bleed everyday. But that’s not all, in order to remain human after drinking a magic potion, she must be obtain true love’s kiss otherwise, on the first day of the Prince’s marriage she will turn into sea foam and cease to exist. Unfortunately, the Prince is ordered to marry and neighbouring Princess which breaks the Little Mermaid’s heart. As she waits for death, she is proposed the opportunity to save herself by slaying the Prince on his wedding night and let his blood drip on her feet. The Little Mermaid, however, loves the Prince too much. As she begins to fade, her morality is rewarded by turning into a spirit of the air and her soul lives forever.

Needless to say we are excited to see how Coppola sprinkles her magic of combining contemporary themes with period stories.

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