spuntino-095Photography courtesy of @spuntino Words by Shaun Cooney

Now I must admit, this following review is going to be extremely bias. Spuntino’s has to be one of my favourite restaurants in London, and Russell Norman has become a bit of a God to me. So please bare with me as I gush a little. Russell Norman, the genius behind the Polpo restaurants, has moved away from his Bacaro roots.

Spuntino’s has been open for a few years and it was Norman’s opportunity to try something different. At a point where the Polpo name was gathering speed, a change of direction is a brilliant chance to slow things down. Spuntino’s is New York in Soho. When you walk in though the unmarked shop front, you are hit by low lights, Johnny Cash on full volume, a friendly welcome shouted over diners heads and pint of pale ale while you wait.

Spuntino’s is serving up small plates Polpo style but this time inspired by NY. Burgers are replaced with sliders of three different flavours, mac and cheese is served steaming hot with a perfect crust and salads are simple but pack endless flavour. The cocktails are simple but mixed well. With Rachel O’sullivan moving on as head chef, Norman has said that it’s a chance to put Spuntino’s back to its gritty NY roots; so here’s hoping for pastrami, BBQ and extra strong cocktails.


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