St Vincent: St Vincent

St. VincentWords by Elizabeth Pollard

After a few years working on a series of special projects, St Vincent returns with a new album to rival her last. By far the least ‘weird’ album she has produced; it is full of soft melodies and quirky guitar riffs with a more up lifting beat than her usual style, often resembling Goldfrapp’s vocals and rhythm. After an almost theatrical collaboration with David Byrne, it was nice to hear something a little more down to earth from singer-songwriter Annie Clark, with out loosing her musical integrity. Despite thoroughly enjoying the sound, I definitely got most excited about her Bowie-esque art work which I would happily display as a vinyl cover on my bookshelf.

Whilst there isn’t a weak track on the album, it would probably sit on my iPod as a nice intermittent shuffle or as background Saturday morning music as opposed to playing it repetitively and consciously.

Favourite track: I Prefer Your Love

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