Studio Profile: Ida Rhoda

ida-rhoda_pub1_aImages courtesy of Words by Elizabeth Pollard

I first met Hannah Ridley at Elle Magazine, around three years ago, at the beginning of her solo project into the world of publishing. After a successful career as a picture editor at Elle Magazine, Hannah decided to turn her attention to art directing and publishing the work of some of the photographers she had met along the way. The name is in honour of her two grandmothers, Ida and Rhoda; a fitting tribute when the work published is a celebration of women in form and achievement.

When Hannah started Ida Rhoda, it was a place to collate all of the photographs she’d collected, having spent her days researching beautiful imagery. It soon developed into the first project; Holly and Kasia, a presentation of the work of two backstage fashion photographers. The publication explores the dialogue within photography and also between the photographers’ points of view. Whilst the projects always center around a concept, the publications remain light, desirable and, of course, beautiful. Ida Rhoda and it’s collaborators’ aesthetic share a softness, that feels very cool and very feminine; both intimidating and accessible all at the same time.

With her fourth project on the way, Ida Rhoda works slowly but the end result is always perfectly formed. The Reading Girl, which is to be published ‘shortly’, features work from photographers Rasha Kahil, Eve Arnold and Azar Nafifi.

I’ve Done Alright For A Girl





Holly and Kasia



To Be Adored





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