Style Muse: Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola
Words by Elizabeth Pollard

If you are a regular reader of Corinne&, you’ll have noticed by now that we are a little obsessed with the Coppola clan, in particular, writer and director, Sofia. Her cinematic aesthetic is very particular and easily definable, but this minimal sophistication also carries through to her wardrobe. As the woman responsible for some of the most iconic, contemporary images in film, it’s no surprise that Coppola’s sense of style has been given iconic status by some of the worlds most respected artists and designers; “She is young and sweet and beautiful,” Marc Jacobs has said. “The epitome of this girl I fantasize of.”

A combination of masculine tailoring and shift dresses in light feminine fabrics always in a palette of grey, navy, black and white; the result is a uniform that never lets her down. Injections of breton stripes, peter pan collars and fluid bows are clues that her style is influenced by her favourite city and second home, Paris.

Of course, not everyone (in fact hardly anyone) looks like Ms Coppola, but I believe the key to her style success is the accessibility of her look. Neutral and sophisticated but still totally in line with her crowd of high fashion friends, it’s a look that you feel you could put together and feel totally confident in, not like a fashion peacock, chasing the next trend.

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