Style Muse: Solange Knowles

Words by Elizabeth Pollard

The only thing the Knowles’ sisters seem to share is their parents. They might both be in the music industry but these two could not be more different. From business method to style to personal life, they seem to live parallel lives. Whilst Bey is in the money business, Solange has both her feet firmly grounded in creative direction across fashion, music and art. Her style owes itself to a lot more than a nod in the direction of her African heritage, however, she carefully combines colour and print with a contemporary, western silhouette. This energy is reflected into all aspects of her business; her hair, her jewellery, her dance moves, always playing tribute to both her American and African backgrounds.

Knowles is now living in New Orleans and working on her album under her record label, Saint Records, but as always has her fingers in many pies; As art director for Puma, songwriter, producer and of course mother, to her 9 year old son.

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