Subway Sets NYC

Words and Photograph by Lucy Willoughby

New York subway performers are awesome, and the guy that decided to host a series of rooftop concerts showcasing these musicians is equally awesome.

Brooklyn Grange is a wonderful rooftop farming company focusing on sustainability in urban agriculture and growing delicious fresh produce for it’s community.  Not to mention this space also has the most incredible views of the Manhattan skyline, no wonder this was Dan Piersons perfect choice of venue for Subway Sets.

So despite the forecast of thunder storms an eclectic group of new Yorkers gathered on this rooftop for a night of music from the undergrounds of the city.

The opening act was cellist Gabriel Royal who blew me away when I saw him perform at a G train platform earlier in the year. His honest lyrics, paired with the beautiful sound of strings was a pleasure to hear once again.

But this was only the warm up. The next act was a duo, one a beat boxing acoustic guitarist, the other a spoken word mc. Akil Dasan and Sciryl’s improve performance saw them separately, then together, first with their own material and then an encore of funky town classics, which forced the previously chilled audience to get up from the floor to dance, and I mean dance.

This was a hard act to follow, and as 3 relatively geeky looking guys, named Moon Hooch got on stage with a variety of saxophones and a drum kit I sniggered thinking they had no chance. Well I was wrong, these guys were insane. They describe their music as jagged house and it was like nothing I had ever heard nor witnessed before. It’s safe to say Moon Hooch killed it.

So luckily the rain held off and I experienced one of the most magical, perfectly unique nights in NYC, and that is why I love this beautiful city.

Find out more about Subway sets and the artists that play here.


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