Rapha Cycling Guides


All Images Courtesy of rapha.cc Words by Elizabeth Pollard Now, I am no keen cyclist. I’m not any cyclist at all in fact. But I am a girl with a very soft spot for all things printed. Which is why I am totally in love with Rapha’s set of pocket-sized cycling guides, covering eight of the […]

Stolen Travels 8. Night time

Scotland, Alex Houston U.S.A., Emma Hanoman Malaysia, Anna Christian Dawson Amsterdam, Jack Hankinson Thailand, Rosie Clayton Tokyo, Nuria Cabrera Paris, Abigail Clarke Germany, Kate Bailey-Neale

Stolen Travels: No. 6 Transport

Thailand, Rose Clayton

(above) Thailand, Rose Clayton Compiled By Billie Jenkins Thailand, Hui-Yan Chow Vietnam, Anna Christian Dawson  Tokyo, Nuria Cabrera  India, Philip Joseph Jones Indonesia, Charles Lewis Italy, Abigail Clarke Amsterdam, Elizabeth Pollard 

Veronica Ditting

Veronica Ditting

Images from veronicaditting.com Words by Elizabeth Pollard Art director, Veronica Ditting, completed her degree in graphic design in Dortmund and then the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, where she still resides now. Working out of a studio in the old Pathological Anatomical Laboratory, she produces work for a range of clients including The Gentlewoman, COS magazine, […]

Stolen Travels: No.5 Fauna

Indonesia, Charles Lewis

(above) Indonesia, Charles Lewis Compiled by Billie Jenkins Tokyo, Nuria Cabrera Amsterdam, Elizabeth Pollard Russia, Verakromova     Germany, Kate Bailey Neale     Vietnam, Anna Christian Dawson Thailand, Rose Clayton Amsterdam, Jack Hankinson