From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

Madonna_Jean Paul Gaultier

Photograph Madonna on her Blond Ambition Tour Words by Elizabeth Pollard Until the 25th of August, The Barbican celebrates 40 years of French fashion designer, Jean Paul Gaultier in his first major exhibition; The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk. In true Gaultier style, the London stop of his […]

Zine Culture: Mark Gonzales

julien lachaussée

(above) Photograph by Julien Lachaussée Words by Elizabeth Pollard Skateboarding legend, Mark Gonzales, has been producing art for almost forty years; which in my mind categorises him as one of history’s greats. Ok granted, that would have made him 5 years old, but if you’re familiar with his work, he has developed a style that emulates […]



Words and images by Billie Jenkins Since the birth of Corinne& I have become increasing preoccupied with the idea of collections. So much time has been invested collecting together words, ideas, people and pictures. In a sense I feel as if my role is one of curator rather than writer or editor, bringing together things […]

Art School Stole My Virginity

Art school

Photography courtesy of Words by Elizabeth Pollard Everything about the ‘installation’ Art School Stole My Virginity makes me mad. But I guess all Clayton Pettet wanted people to do is talk about him which he has very successfully achieved. Covered in every publication from The Telegraph to Dazed and Confused magazine, but what is […]

Wrap Magazine

wrap Magazine

Words by Elizabeth Pollard As a skint art student, I’d often pop to Leather Lane market on a Thursday morning to buy old issues of Fantastic Man and Clash magazine for a pound. Being obsessed with archiving and collecting imagery, I couldn’t bear to cut up the careful design and photography, so I’d always buy […]