Kate Bailey-Neale


Words by Kate Bailey-Neale “This is a picture of me on a site near Camberwell College right at the beginning of my first year. I made this piece during a workshop where they were building a small house from spare wood. They had invited people to add to it and build with them. I feel […]

Petros Koublis: INLANDS


Goldfish: In some gardens while asleep, September 2012 Words and Images by Petros Koublis We are excited to introduce the incredible artist and photographer Petros Koublis. This set of images, from his collection INLANDS: MINOR LANDSCAPES are stunning, and we are thrilled he has let us share them with you here.  The images of this series […]

Eleanor Hardwick: Artist, photographer, Queen of Cool


Photographs by Eleanor Hardwick Words by Elizabeth Pollard Artist and photographer, Eleanor Hardwick, began taking photographs at age thirteen. Eight years later she boasts a career that most would consider a lifetimes worth of work and credibility. From curating exhibitions, collaborating with Dazed and Confused and Meadham Kirchoff, being featured in Vogue at 16 and […]

Jason Munn


All artwork by Jason Munn Words by Elizabeth Pollard American graphic artist, Jason Munn, found his love for art and design as a teenager on the skateboarding scene. After studying graphic design at college, Munn moved to California where he was commissioned to design the album artwork for Death Cab For Cutie. The exposure led […]

Darren Almond: Atmos at Alcalá, 31

Darren Almond

All images Darren Almond courtesy of The White Cube Gallery Words by Elizabeth Pollard The diversity of medium in British artist, Darren Almond’s work is quite a rarity. Producing film, installation, photography and sculpture he often explores the subject of journeys and the geography of the destination. Although varied in form, Almond’s work has a […]

Interview: Miriam Elia

Miriam Elia

Words by Billie Jenkins One of the first things Miriam Elia says to me when I first speak to her is how much her studio resembles a sorting office. She’s only just finished sending out the UK orders of her new book ‘We go to the gallery’, but the overseas ones are still taking up […]