Kubrick: An Old School Eccentric


(above) Richard Thomas Words and Collages by Billie Jenkins When he died Stanley Kubrick left around 1000 boxes of material cataloguing his ideas, scripts, research and even every fan letter he had ever been sent. One strange and wonderful quirk of this collection was the visual research he undertook to achieve the right look for […]



Words and images by Billie Jenkins Since the birth of Corinne& I have become increasing preoccupied with the idea of collections. So much time has been invested collecting together words, ideas, people and pictures. In a sense I feel as if my role is one of curator rather than writer or editor, bringing together things […]

The Collectors Cabinet: No. 1

Kirsten Hively

 Words by Billie Jenkins Collection of the Week Kirsten Hively is an architect who fell in love with neon signs. She had often recorded the signs she encountered on her travels, until she realised the ones she saw everyday around her New York home had been neglected in her photography. When she discovered it was […]