Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album


Words by Billie Jenkins Images Copyright of Dennis Hopper ’Don’t you fucking look at me!’. The violent, gas-guzzling rapist of David Lynch’s most revered film, Blue Velvet, was a character that stayed in my head long after the credits had run. This was my Dennis Hopper. For others it will be the trippy straights of […]

Where’s Barbara’s Bang?


Words and image by Billie Jenkins Barbara Kruger’s first major British show in years? The A level graphic design student in me was quietly excited. Some of the most iconic feats of poster design in modern history have been born of her talent, and the infamous red boxed slogans she appliqués belong solely to her […]

Camberwell Arts Festival Roundup


Yesterday closed the 20th anniversary of the Camberwell Arts Festival, and was also therefore, the end of the first exhibition for Corinne&. We want to thank everyone (again) for such a fantastic week, all the wonderful work that was submitted and everyone who viewed, shared or just passed by. As everyone probably knows, we have […]

Our Walls


Words by Billie Jenkins Images curtesy of Murray Guy The internet can be a cruel place. Amidst the constant stream of information, that moves between exciting, underwhelming and offensively under-researched, there will be an exhibition I would kill to attend but know I never can because geography and my not being a rich socialite who […]

Exhibition: Tattoo, Paris


Words by Billie Jenkins Peter Greenway’s Pillow Book, is named so for the haunting pages made from the calligraphy covered skin of a dead man, written by one lover and owned by another. The film captures a crossover between the pleasure of beautiful calligraphy and the potency of lust and love. It was an exciting […]

Bordellos by Vee Speers

Vee Speers

Photography by Vee Speers Words By Billie Jenkins It is not very often I view a set of photographs like those contained in Vee Speers’ ‘Bordello’ collection. Last I saw of her she was dressing cute little kids up in the guises of adult life. It was unsettling, modern and cold, with beautiful stripped back […]