Not That Kind Of Girl

feature_Not That Kind of Girl

Straight talking Lena Dunham releases her first book “Not That Kind Of Girl”. And boy do we love it.

The Day Emma Watson Addressed the UN

HeForShe Campaign Launch

This week, the world watched as Emma Watson made her first speech as a Women’s Goodwill ambassador for the UN. A speech that created waves amongst the public.

Free the Nipple


The ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign has seen a surge in popularity recently. So what does it really mean for women to go topless?

In Defence of Rape


The response to an anonymous Oxford graduate discussing her experiences after being raped reveals much about what needs to change in our system.

Indie Screen: Frances Ha


A cinematically beautiful film about the significance of a best girlfriend and the complexities of your twenties.

One Hundred Philosophers


Words by Frank Think The book ‘One hundred Philosophers, A guide to the World’s Greatest Thinkers’, by Peter King only recognises one woman philosopher in human history. King puts this down to the difference between cultures and the process of historical recording, neither of which is straightforward. Even in more enlightened Ancient Greek societies, feminist […]