What Maisie Knew


An American drama based on the Henry James novel, about a child as the result of a contentious marriage and narcissistic parents.

Small Screen Fargo: You Betcha It’s Good!


Images courtesy of FX Words by Emma Hanoman Last night Channel 4 gave us the second episode of Fargo, the new TV crime drama based on the 1996 film by the Coen Brothers. Set in cold, eerie Minnesota, Martin Freeman (from The Office, Sherlock, The Hobbit, you pick your fav) plays Lester Nygaard, the stereotypical […]

Gia Coppola: Palo Alto


Film stills from Palo Alto Words by Elizabeth Pollard It’s in the Coppola blood to work in the film industry, and that is no different for Francis Ford Coppola’s grand daughter, Gia. Having spent her life surrounded by some of the world’s most famous actors, producers and directors (many of which are her own family), […]