#Ginspiration: The Perfect Cocktail


Words by Shaun Cooney Hopefully over the weeks of being introduced to gin, after gin, after gin I have managed to impart some knowledge on just how varied and amazing the gin category can be. Gin is the chameleon of the spirit world, its able to successfully take on many different botanicals and flavors, can […]

#Ginspiration: Broker’s London Dry

Broker's London Dry

Words by Shaun Cooney The Broker’s distillery in Birmingham is housed in an old brewery converted when gin became more profitable than beer. A distillery built above a natural spring providing pure water, they use botanicals from all across the globe, juniper berries from Macedonia, liquorice from Italy, lemons from Spain and nutmeg from India; and […]

#Ginspiration: Berkeley Square


Words by Shaun Cooney Berkeley Square is one of those gin’s that is an example of just how amazing a gin can be and how complex the distillation process can be. This is a gin that sells itself as the ‘single malt of the gin world’, it’s a gin that can be enjoyed perfectly over […]

#Ginspiration: Plymouth Navy Strength Gin

Gimlet collage

Collage by Elizabeth Pollard Words by Shaun Cooney The guys at the Plymouth gin distillery have been making their trademark gin since 1793. It was named as the gin of choice in the first published recipe for a martini, in ‘Stuart’s Fancy Drinks And How To Mix Them’ in 1896 and was the gin of […]

#Ginspiration: Jensen’s Bermondsey Gin


Words by Shaun Cooney Being distilled just a stones throw from the themes is Jensen’s Bermondsey Gin. Jensen’s is a gin that’s been created to be as true to a classic London gin as possible. With the focus being on a clean, fresh, juniper lead gin. But what a gin it is. Jensen’s is as […]

#Ginspiration: Monkey 47


Words by Shaun Cooney Monkey 47 shows that good thinks do come in small packages. It’s a gin that carries with is all the characteristics of its creator, Montgomery Collins. It combines ‘Great British traditions, the exoticness of India and the purity of the black forest’. Now god knows what this means but it does […]

#Ginspiration: Tanqueray No. 10


Words by Shaun Cooney The first name in gin is Tanqueray. Nothing says a quality gin than the emerald green of a Tanqueray bottle standing amongst the crowd. And now standing taller and greener than anyone else is Tanqueray No.10. A gin specially designed to make the perfect martini. Named after the still that no […]

#Ginspiration: Fever Tree Tonic

Corinne & 5

Words by Shaun Cooney Nothing is more British than a gin and tonic in the garden on a summers afternoon, or as an appertife before a meal, or at home alone on a Tuesday afternoon, or even just waiting at the bottom of the stairs waiting for your partner to come home for that special […]

#Ginspiration: Opihr

Opihr Gin

Words by Shaun Cooney From a far-flung unknown land somewhere along the start of the famous spice route in the Orient comes a spiced gin, distilled in England. Ophir may take its name from a mysterious place but this gin is another more and more common example of how a London dry gin is becoming […]

#Ginspiration: Boodles

Winston Churchill

Words by Shaun Cooney Nothing shows the quality of a product more than a celebrity endorsement and for boodles these come from beyond the grave, both Ian Flemming and Winston Churchill’s drink of choice was Boodles. Named after the famous Boodles Gentleman’s club in St James, Boodles dates back to 1845 but has been missing […]