Skinheads Italia


Words by Billie Jenkins Images courtesy of Paolo Marchetti It is something we often choose to ignore, yet the reality is fearful. It was not until UKIP exceeded all expectations that I opened my eyes to the real, right wing sympathies growing on my home soil. I thought it was something drunkenly muttered in the […]

Nigeria to Italy


Words by Billie Jenkins Images courtesy of Elena Perlino / Rex Features This thought provoking photography series by Elena Perlino uncovers the daily experiences of women trafficked from Nigeria to Italy to work in the sex industry. The number of Nigerians brought over to Italy, with the promise of better jobs and financial reward, is […]

8 Bizarre and Wonderful Deserted Places

feature_Holy Land

Words by Billie Jenkin Hashima Island, Japan Just given World Heritage status this entire island was abandoned in the 1970’s after Mitsubishi closed it’s mine. It’s an entire infrastructure, full of high-rise and grey concrete. You might recognise it from the latest Bond film, and if you fancy a look around Google Earth has sent […]

Stolen Travels: 7. White

India, Philip Joseph Jones

India, Philip Joseph Jones Spain, Isabella Cirpirska Vietnam, Anna Christian Dawson Italy, Abigail Clarke Tokyo, Nuria Cabrera Iceland, Rose Clayton Germany, Kate Bailey-Neale

Stolen Travels: No. 6 Transport

Thailand, Rose Clayton

(above) Thailand, Rose Clayton Compiled By Billie Jenkins Thailand, Hui-Yan Chow Vietnam, Anna Christian Dawson  Tokyo, Nuria Cabrera  India, Philip Joseph Jones Indonesia, Charles Lewis Italy, Abigail Clarke Amsterdam, Elizabeth Pollard 

Stolen Travels: No 4. Angles

Malaysia, Serafina Karahussan

(above) Malaysia, Serafina Karahussan Compiled by Billie Jenkins Looking through the eyes of my friends I sought out stark shapes and corners across the world. Bringing together an array of images they took on their travels under the heading of ‘Angles’, I found the beautiful and sublime for our lovely readers. Thank you a million to […]