James Franco: The Bearded Lady


All images by Words by Billie Jenkins It’s no secret, I have a lot of time for James Franco’s face. However the recreation of Cindy Sherman’s iconic images by Franco in a new show at the Pace Gallery, NYC falls somewhere between in imaginative A Level project and a grossly misjudged attempt at entering the world […]

Gia Coppola: Palo Alto


Film stills from Palo Alto Words by Elizabeth Pollard It’s in the Coppola blood to work in the film industry, and that is no different for Francis Ford Coppola’s grand daughter, Gia. Having spent her life surrounded by some of the world’s most famous actors, producers and directors (many of which are her own family), […]

The Oscars, a hyperthetical


Words by Billie Jenkins Hype, hype, hype. I’m not sure if you’ve read anywhere but the Oscars are happening next month. Whether you find them kinda a big deal or not there is one thing well worth indulging in: gossip. The only scandals to hit the event so far have been relatively boring but here […]