Not That Kind Of Girl

feature_Not That Kind of Girl

Straight talking Lena Dunham releases her first book “Not That Kind Of Girl”. And boy do we love it.

poem to a year lived in camberwell road

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A Hundred Butterflies Start A Hundred Hurricanes

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Words by Billie Jenkins Image and Random Act of Kindness Michael Byrne Yesterday a wonderful thing was brought to my attention. After assessing his library a friend realised that despite the most sincere intentions he had only read only about 40% of the books, and would probably never read 20% of them at any stage […]

U.S. Uni Book Censorship


Words and Image by Billie Jenkins This week students at the University of California, Santa Barbara made a request for pieces of literature with potentially distressing themes or adult content to be given ‘trigger warnings’, so students can identify when themes may effect them emotionally. Research into the matter by the New York Times reveals […]

Fear of A Poet in New York


Words by Billie Jenkins I have yet to watch the Hollywood incarnation of On The Road. It isn’t in protest of the presence of super sulker Kristen Stewart, and not without want of seeing Sam Riley semi clad. It is because I am not quite yet ready to relinquish the feelings I first felt when […]

Characters of The Wild

Characters of the wild

Words by Elizabeth Pollard Since first being introduced to the story of Christopher McCandless’ ‘ultimate Alaskan adventure’, I have never been able to stop questioning what it means to me. As a 16 year old, full of anger, indignance and uncertainty, I admired his journey and his mind. Obsessed with Jack Kareouc, J D salinger […]

Stunning Literature on Chipotle’s Cups

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Words by Billie Jenkins, Jonathan Safran Foer and Toni Morrison How often do we find ourselves in the spaces between things happening to us, where out bodies need feeding, resting, or simply being in a certain place at a certain time for future events to take place as we wish them to? Waiting for travel connections, a friend […]

Hand Painted, 1692 Colour Guide

271 Years Before Pantone, an Artist Mixed and Described Every Color Imaginable in an 800-Page Book

Words by Billie Jenkins Colour is a powerful thing. Pantone, the colour coding system, has erupted from a niche tool used by designers into a household brand, and now features on the mug and notebook of any self-respecting yummy mummy’s coffee table. Their moto, ‘Colour is Life. Live it.’, captures the daily influence colour has […]

This Week In Books


Words by Billie Jenkins Sound Pages, John Cage’s Publications Collecting together the work of one of the most fascinating and important experimental composers of recent history, Sound Pages is a treat. Split into books, scores, records and scattered documents, no other publication collects together such impressive material. It is to music geeks and curios what […]