#Ginspiration: The Perfect Cocktail


Words by Shaun Cooney Hopefully over the weeks of being introduced to gin, after gin, after gin I have managed to impart some knowledge on just how varied and amazing the gin category can be. Gin is the chameleon of the spirit world, its able to successfully take on many different botanicals and flavors, can […]

#Ginspiration: Plymouth Navy Strength Gin

Gimlet collage

Collage by Elizabeth Pollard Words by Shaun Cooney The guys at the Plymouth gin distillery have been making their trademark gin since 1793. It was named as the gin of choice in the first published recipe for a martini, in ‘Stuart’s Fancy Drinks And How To Mix Them’ in 1896 and was the gin of […]

#Ginspiration: Tanqueray No. 10


Words by Shaun Cooney The first name in gin is Tanqueray. Nothing says a quality gin than the emerald green of a Tanqueray bottle standing amongst the crowd. And now standing taller and greener than anyone else is Tanqueray No.10. A gin specially designed to make the perfect martini. Named after the still that no […]