Exhibition: Tattoo, Paris


Words by Billie Jenkins Peter Greenway’s Pillow Book, is named so for the haunting pages made from the calligraphy covered skin of a dead man, written by one lover and owned by another. The film captures a crossover between the pleasure of beautiful calligraphy and the potency of lust and love. It was an exciting […]

The Woman: Mata Hari


Words by Billie Jenkins Mati Hari was the original Bond baddie. An exotic dancer and one of the most highly paid courtesans in Paris her clients included high profile military men and politicians. In WWI she began providing intel to the German government, unspeakably potent information was released on a regular basis, and it has […]



All images courtesy of jacquemus.com Words by Elizabeth Pollard There is nothing more French than Parisian design newbie, Jacquemus; from the art direction of his fashion films to minimalist silhouettes and bold, classic use of colour. Waif-like girls with long unbrushed hair and cigarettes glued to their fingers, model his trendy, contemporary sports wear. Blocks […]

Rapha Cycling Guides


All Images Courtesy of rapha.cc Words by Elizabeth Pollard Now, I am no keen cyclist. I’m not any cyclist at all in fact. But I am a girl with a very soft spot for all things printed. Which is why I am totally in love with Rapha’s set of pocket-sized cycling guides, covering eight of the […]

Stolen Travels: 9. Fabric

Vietnam, Anna Christian Dawson

Vietnam, Anna Christian Dawson Cambodia, Rose Clayton Tokyo, Nuria Cabrera Paris, Abigail Clarke Tanzania, Oscar Ford India, Philip Joseph Jones Thailand, Emma Hanoman

Julien Lachaussée: 100% Skateboarder

Skate Life feature_Julien Lachaussée

Photographs by Julien Lachaussée (above) Boo Johnson Words by Elizabeth Pollard Parisian photographer, Julien Lachaussée, often captures alternative, street and rock cultures in his portraits. With most of his subjects shirtless and tattooed, it seems appropriate that he would capture some of skate industry’s most respected characters. In the series, 100% Skateboarder, we see the likes of […]

Stolen Travels 8. Night time

Scotland, Alex Houston U.S.A., Emma Hanoman Malaysia, Anna Christian Dawson Amsterdam, Jack Hankinson Thailand, Rosie Clayton Tokyo, Nuria Cabrera Paris, Abigail Clarke Germany, Kate Bailey-Neale

La Chanel Supermarche

Chanel AW14 Dazed Digital

All photography by Dazed Digital (unless specified) Words by Elizabeth Pollard The fashion world has gone mad as Kaiser Karl creates a Chanel supermarket as the set for the Parisian House’s AW14 show. Fabric and texture inspired by house-hold products combined with tweed, pearls and of course, those interlocking C’s and styled with neon trainers […]