A Silken Life


Poetry about the philosophy of life by the enigmatic, Frank Think

Is Vegetarianism A Religion?


Is vegetarianism and veganism a religion, philosophical practice, or fashionable trend?

Characters of The Wild

Characters of the wild

Words by Elizabeth Pollard Since first being introduced to the story of Christopher McCandless’ ‘ultimate Alaskan adventure’, I have never been able to stop questioning what it means to me. As a 16 year old, full of anger, indignance and uncertainty, I admired his journey and his mind. Obsessed with Jack Kareouc, J D salinger […]

MACK Publishing


Independent publisher, MACK, produce beautiful, thoughtful books. The artists and photographers often explore the gritty depths of the world, presented with intelligent design and beautiful finishes. Here’s an edit of some of the best: Words by Elizabeth Pollard Oliver Chanarin & Adam Broomberg Holy Bible “Right from the start, almost every appearance he made was […]

One Hundred Philosophers


Words by Frank Think The book ‘One hundred Philosophers, A guide to the World’s Greatest Thinkers’, by Peter King only recognises one woman philosopher in human history. King puts this down to the difference between cultures and the process of historical recording, neither of which is straightforward. Even in more enlightened Ancient Greek societies, feminist […]

Frank Think: Expanding Love

Frank Think

Words by Frank Think Some scientists, somewhere state, that the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate and the possible number of planets that could be inhabited by humans is also increasing by untold numbers. At the same time others inform us that the end of civilization is near and there is no future […]

Frank Think: Frustration Spill-Over

Frank Think: Frustration Spill-Over

Words by Frank Think Ok, I’ve tried very hard but am not sure I can contain myself anymore. If I don’t get it out, some long-term damage might occur… what’s going on with Mr Putin. I mean, has he gone completely rouge on the non-happiness scale, or is he upset that the silly chap from […]

Frank Think: The Question of Creativity

Corinne & Question of creativity

Words by Frank Think While driving through the beautiful East Sussex lanes a few days ago my mind drifted into what to wear to stimulate the creative juices. Is it possible to be unique, artistic, original and creative while wearing a suit and tie? How often have you seen a ‘creative’ wear a suit and […]