Photo Essay: Pattaya


Photographs by Rose Clayton Words by Billie Jenkins Pattaya is a seaside town east of Bangkok. There is something strangely familiar about the playful colours, peaceful beaches and pop bulbs captured in this collection of images. It’s not Martin Parr, and it’s not the Cornwall surf: it’s Southeast Asia away from the hustle and bustle.  

Photo Essay: Hastings


Photographs by Josephine Pollard Words by Billie Jenkins Hastings is a unique place. One of the most deprived constituencies in the country, a third of children live in poverty, the highest level in the South East. A seaside resort that never had a heyday, its coastline has all the archetypal eighties gaiety, maintained for the tourists but not […]

Photo Essay: Moments of The Grey City

Berlin Guide

Documentary photographer, Josephine Pollard, captures stolen moments of Germany’s grey city; from the tip of a building to torn away posters to the sideways glance of an unassuming passer-by. Her use of natural light injects extraordinary vibrancy and sense of romance into her photographs, demonstrating an interest in Berlin, beyond the Brandenburg Gate.  Photographs by […]

Photo Essay: Bangkok


Photographs by Rose Clayton Words by Billie Jenkins Forget what you saw in The Hangover, Bangkok is a strange city  where poverty is set against the backdrop of skyscrapers. The  burnt out rooms of this building, contribute to that aesthetic, black ruins sitting amongst bustling bikes and advertising.  There is something poignant about the flowers […]

Photo Essay: Palestine


Photographs by Rose Clayton Words by Billie Jenkins In 2013 Rose Clayton exchanged a traditional English summer for Kafr Qaddum, a village in the Northern part of Palestine’s West Bank and Nablus, a city 50 miles away from Jerusalem. An area of conflict, controversy, and daily oppression for many of the inhabitants whom are forced to […]

Photo Essay: Australia

Australia: Rose Clayton

Photographs by Rose Clayton

Photo Essay: Thailand

Thailand: Rose Clayton

Photographs by Rose Clatyon

Photo Essay: Eastbourne


Photography by Rose Clayton  

Photo Essay: Iceland

Rose Clayton, Iceland

Photography by Rose Clayton        

Photo Essay: London Summer

Rose Clayton

Photography by Rose Clayton