Polpetto: The Darling of Berwick Street

polpetto carol sachs

Florence Knight has made a name for Polpetto away from the Polpo brand, bringing exciting, differnent restaurants to the conversation.



Photography courtesy of @spuntino Words by Shaun Cooney Now I must admit, this following review is going to be extremely bias. Spuntino’s has to be one of my favourite restaurants in London, and Russell Norman has become a bit of a God to me. So please bare with me as I gush a little. Russell Norman, […]

Polpo: A Venetian Cookbook (of sorts)


Words by Shaun Cooney Russell Norman is the undisputable King of Soho, opening no less than 6 restaurants in under four years. The Polpo cookbook is a must have containing all of Normans favourite small plates that have been on the restaurants menu at one time or another. The Polpo cookbook makes cooking a stress […]