Ban on Heels


Words by Billie Jenkins Photograph by Nuria Cabrera Friend of the Kremlin and all round Bond Baddie material Oleg Mikheyev (of unresolved embezzlement trails and obstructing justice fame), has made a fresh wave of enemies in the women of Russia. Oleg holds a parliamentary seat in a country where social cohesion is at boiling point, […]

8 Bizarre and Wonderful Deserted Places

feature_Holy Land

Words by Billie Jenkin Hashima Island, Japan Just given World Heritage status this entire island was abandoned in the 1970’s after Mitsubishi closed it’s mine. It’s an entire infrastructure, full of high-rise and grey concrete. You might recognise it from the latest Bond film, and if you fancy a look around Google Earth has sent […]

Stolen Travels: No.5 Fauna

Indonesia, Charles Lewis

(above) Indonesia, Charles Lewis Compiled by Billie Jenkins Tokyo, Nuria Cabrera Amsterdam, Elizabeth Pollard Russia, Verakromova     Germany, Kate Bailey Neale     Vietnam, Anna Christian Dawson Thailand, Rose Clayton Amsterdam, Jack Hankinson

Brewdog says no to Gay-Bashers


Words by Billie Jenkins Unsure how you’re going to fill the time you would have spent watching the Winter Olympics before they decided to host it in a country where their chosen leader states that the gay community “can feel at ease here, just leave kids alone, please”? Brewdog has the perfect solution. Their ’Hello, […]