Is Vegetarianism A Religion?


Is vegetarianism and veganism a religion, philosophical practice, or fashionable trend?

Education Crisis


Words by Elizabeth Pollard (above) 3rd year manifesto in response to my experience at Central Saint Martins, 2013 “Education is irrelevant in a progressive society” Feedback given to an A Level Geography report, 2014 Britain is in an education crisis. Over the last few years, as I have progressed through the education system, I have become […]

Universal Rights

Corinne & Universal Rights

Words by Frank Think During a cultural visit to China last week Michelle Obama, the Harvard law school graduate and wife of President Obama declared that access to information should be a ‘universal right.’ Inspired with this revelation I immediately went to Berry, our 2-year old cat and asked him if he has internet access…no […]

Frank Think: Expanding Love

Frank Think

Words by Frank Think Some scientists, somewhere state, that the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate and the possible number of planets that could be inhabited by humans is also increasing by untold numbers. At the same time others inform us that the end of civilization is near and there is no future […]

Frank Think: Frustration Spill-Over

Frank Think: Frustration Spill-Over

Words by Frank Think Ok, I’ve tried very hard but am not sure I can contain myself anymore. If I don’t get it out, some long-term damage might occur… what’s going on with Mr Putin. I mean, has he gone completely rouge on the non-happiness scale, or is he upset that the silly chap from […]

Frank Think: Preparing For A Journey

Frank Think

Words by Frank Think A friend is preparing for the most amazing journey of his life. He is not sure exactly sure when he will be leaving or how to prepare. All he knows is the time will soon come when he will leave his current home and begin a great adventure. I haven’t been able […]