The Salvation Army


The Camberwell Axis by Tom Jenkins


Peckham Summer by Elle French


Words by Elle French In the summer we ate jerk chicken and jollof rice in the garden, but it was too spicy for me. In the winter, we all got together and put on plays. Instead of singing “Away in a Manger”, we sang “I believe I can fly” by R.Kelly. There was an unusual […]

Nunhead Epitahs

Nunhead epitahs

These words we share do not belong to us, but in some small way they are everyones. + PEACE PERFECT PEACE WILLIAM J.R. GRIFFITHS DIED 9TH JULY 1956, AGED 74 + AUTUMN LEAVES FALL, OUR LOVE FOR YOU WILL NEVER DIE MARY BAKER DIED 1983, AGED 68 + FOR THOU HAST EARNED THY REST EMMA […]

Kate Bailey-Neale


Words by Kate Bailey-Neale “This is a picture of me on a site near Camberwell College right at the beginning of my first year. I made this piece during a workshop where they were building a small house from spare wood. They had invited people to add to it and build with them. I feel […]

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