The Voice Of Our Youth

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Time Magazine announced the world’s 25 most influential teens. But what makes the voice of youth so powerful?

The Watch With a Human Touch

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In many ways this watch seems like another one of modern life’s pointless preoccupations. But something has to happen between birth and death so why not do it with the help of Apple.

Miranda July’s Somebody

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Ever needed someone to do your dirty work for you? Break ups, make ups or even a proposal? Check out the new app from Miranda July.

Design Technology: 3D Printing Pens


LIX THE SMALLEST 3D PRINTING PEN from LIX 3D PEN on Vimeo. Words by Elizabeth Pollard Since the technology started to appear in the last couple of years, 3D printing pens have become increasingly more sophisticated. Lix is the latest London design company to develop the product which allows you to doodle in the air […]

When Books Were All The Rage


‘Victorian’ Printing Technology at Glastonbury Festival Words by Frank Think The Slow Reading Group fears that we are slowly evolving away from the brains “traditional deep-reading circuitry” that has developed through reading books. Maryanne Wolf, a cognitive neuroscientist at Tufts University worries that superficial internet based reading affects in-depth processing in the brain. Today technology […]