Dining Al Fresco

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Words by Shaun Cooney When the weather is at its best there no better way to enjoy a bottle of rose and squid salad than outside in the sun. Never can I man feel cooler than in some tailored shorts, ray bans and a glass of wine. But trying to find the perfect spot to […]

The Gentleman Drinker: Summer Hosting

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Words by Shaun Cooney With some summer sun on the horizon and a weekend starting to fill up with plans for BBQ’s, it’s time to jump in while the going’s good and show everyone up with your perfect hosting skills. As long as you’ve invited the right people, your guests are sure to bring along […]

The Gentleman Drinker: Habitual Drinkers


Words by Shaun Cooney When sitting at the bar of the new must visit bar, sitting in the beer garden of a cask ale specialist pub, sitting at the table of a restaurant you’ve never visited before or even looking at the shelves of your local off license, you’re faced with the dilemma of what […]

The Gentleman Drinker: Quality Over Quantity

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Words by Shaun Cooney Now I’m closer to being thirty than twenty, gone are the weekends that involved heavy pre-drinking at a friends’; shots, beer after beer after beer and doubling up on the house vodka for only one pound extra. The last year has taught me that spending a pound more on a nicer […]

The Gentleman Drinker

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Image still Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love Words by Shaun Cooney The mysterious loner at the end of the bar, the intellectual gentleman reading his book in the corner of the room, the beloved regular who all the bar staff knows. These are the kind of people we like to think we are when […]

The Gentleman Drinker

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Illustration by Florence Shaw Words by Shaun Cooney At the age of around 10 you get your first taste of beer. Its normally passed to you by your dad and his friends in a beer garden and a tasting of which is promptly followed by a roar of laughter as you spit and choke on […]