California Dreaming: San Francisco

San Fransisco_feature

California dreaming, everyone has that moment where their thoughts wonder to what life could be like in a world where the sun is always shining and the pace is that little bit slower.

8 Bizarre and Wonderful Deserted Places

feature_Holy Land

Words by Billie Jenkin Hashima Island, Japan Just given World Heritage status this entire island was abandoned in the 1970’s after Mitsubishi closed it’s mine. It’s an entire infrastructure, full of high-rise and grey concrete. You might recognise it from the latest Bond film, and if you fancy a look around Google Earth has sent […]

Frank Think: Purity Balls

Corinne & purity balls

Words by Frank Think America is a country of contradictions and Purity balls are the latest example of religious confusion that has spread across nearly all the 50 states in the land of freedom. The Purity balls, resembling giant weddings, are directed at white gowned girls all around 12-years old who pledge to remain ‘pure’ […]