The terrorist health responsibility

Corinne & healthWords by Frank Think

In recent months we have heard of the growing numbers of young men from the UK who are recruited to fight for overseas terrorist organisations. An estimated 400 UK citizens are fighting in Syria and for the survivors there is a high probability many will suffer post- traumatic stress disorder. An estimated 1 in 3 combatants suffer severe PTSD and in terrorist groups the numbers are higher with more acute suffering. Al Qaeda spokesman Al-Zawahiri stated PTSD is so bad its affecting jihadist’s sex lives, with sales of Viagra increasing ten fold to buck the growing impotence trend among its fighters and followers. Given, Al Qaeda and other terrorist organisations do not provide adequate counseling for front line jihadists, nor are there comprehensive veteran’s organisations the impact on quality of life will haunt the young men throughout their lives. Depending upon the severity of PTSD treatment costs vary and in the most acute cases lasts a life time. Without private insurance reasonably attributed to the kind of work and risks undertaken the burden for treatment will fall on the UK government through the NHS. It would be better if this cost was the responsibility of the employer (terrorist organisation) and before UK men sign up to be jihadists they should check there is adequate health insurance that covers related sickness for the rest of their lives. Even in the UK, where there are over 40 veterans’ organisations dedicated to providing support to veteran soldiers, there are still veterans that do not receive adequate mental health treatment.

Young men who are going to fight in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere need to recognise being a terrorist fighter means there is a very good chance, if they survive, they will suffer from PTSD and the treatment cost will either fall on themselves, their families or the UK government! They should know their employment/volunteer rights and demand to see proof of health insurance, or better still work for an organisation that respects employment rights.

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