The Baftas 2014

2Words by Billie Jenkins

Unlucky Heat magazine, turns out the Baftas are actually quite nice and well behaved. Our favourite moment of the night was Prince William hi-fiving Tinie Tempah, an exchange Metro captured this morning under the heading ’Death of the Monarchy’. Maybe that will be funeral bell for royalty in Britain, although maybe William is just to well brought up to leave another man hanging. Even a really small, annoying man.

Aside from that it was a very polite affair. Cate Blanchett won Best Actress for Blue Jasmine (obviously). Helen Mirren won an award for being one of the best actresses lots of times (obviously). And the rest of the awards were rather fairly shared between the outstanding films competing. Best Film – Twelve Years a Slave, Best British film – Gravity (British on the grounds the director lived in London for thirteen years, obviously). Despite the politeness of it all, the lack of surprise in who won what served to highlight how there really were a wonderful line up of films and performances competing this year. That’s wonderful, but it’s also no fun to read about. So instead here are our four favourite moments of the night.

Emma Thompson giving the camera a V sign. We told you she was trouble in our Oscars predictions. Now all she has to do is make best friends with Jennifer Lawrence and dreams will be made.


Leonardo DiCaprio blowing us a kiss as he gracefully lost his category. What a fabulous man. What a dapper lad. Swoon.

Douglas Booth on E! Mani-cam. He’s covered in felt tip – real men write and draw.


The uncomfortable reality of Helen Mirren’s comment acting will become an industry of the rich, if only those with money can put their children through acting school. Food for thought guys…and that goes beyond acting, something which threatens many creative industries. Hooray Helen.


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