The Camberwell Arms


Words by Shaun Cooney Photograph by Adrian Lourie for The Evening Standard

The recently open Camberwell Arms on Camberwell High Street, is an opening from some successful restaurateurs coming together in South East London to open a pub. Now this isn’t my favorite kind of South East London boozer. They don’t show Sky sports, they don’t have a pool table and there isn’t a middle aged landlady flirting with the 17 year old guys trying to get served. But that being said, it does serve up some classic cocktails upstairs.

On the site of the former Recreation Ground, the Camberwell Arms cocktail bar hasn’t done much to change things up and feel familiar. Except for the happy to serve you staff and a chalkboard full of cocktails all for a very reasonable price. Arriving pretty merry with a group of friends and all wanting cocktails, there is ample amount of seating to take over with large groups or hide in one of the dark corners.

Southside’s were a popular choice in the group, combing gin, lime and mint or for a refreshing tipple but Negroni’s stick to the classic and hard to beat recipe and made for a perfect choice at this point in an evening. The Camberwell Arms cocktail bar serves up all the classics on a chalkboard to choose from or take a look at the changing menu to find something a little different.

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